[Gifted often, enjoyed not often enough]

Traditionally [and in our view unfairly], panettones have received a bit of a bad rap for being gifted and re-gifted. 

So much so, that certain families [not naming names] go the extent of making a small mark on the bottom of the panettones they gift, so as to easily recognise them if the same ones ever made their way back to them.

With PANETTONE accord, we have set out to put a stop to the fables and myths. 

A carefully balanced blend of citrus and chocolate creates the perfect pudding.  Thick and rich with a base of vanilla and milk - you won't be regifting this one. 

Top//    Bitter orange, chocolate

Mid//    Panettone, candied fruit

Base//   Vanilla, raisin, milk

350 grams of scented soy candle.   45 hour burn time.