Anti Chafing Shorts


Sonsee Woman's anti chafing shorts are the perfect solution for your inner chafe worries. Breathable, seamless and lightweight our shorts are specifically designed to combat your panty rub and thigh chafe in any situation leaving you chafe free and confident. 

Do you suffer from painful thigh chafe? Especially in warmer months it is extremely uncomfortable and irritating. That’s why we developed our signature Anti Chafing Shorts.
We designed them with a seamless construction, in our 360 Degree Stretch Fibre, so the fabric smoothes, doesn't shape, and is made to flatter your curves.
Experience relief from chafe now with our Australian Designed, Italian Made Anti Chafing Shorts.

Model wears size 14-16 and is 170cm tall.


Anti-roll waist and leg bands
A waistband that sits smoothly and comfortably while keeping your shorts in place.

Smooths, doesn't shape
Allow more freedom than shapewear and smoothing on every body shape. Made in Italy. Designed in Australia.
Polyamide Elastane Blend
Breathable and lightweight
Moisture Wickering
Desired choice over cotton