There is something innately stylish about the modern layered necklace. Creating unique designs and outfit combinations with these trendy, stacked necklaces allows us to express ourselves in a way that traditional accessories simply cannot.

Whether it be an elegant pendant or lucky charm, these double and multi-layer necklaces present creative and decorative ways to share our personal style with the world. Whether you opt for a minimalist choker and dainty necklace for that chic look, or a long body chain with layered strands, the outcome can be an exciting mixture of daring and stylish.

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Trendy Layered Necklaces Across Australia

With a wide range of beautifully stacked and trendy layered necklaces in our collection at Venom Emilio, you not only enjoy a creative and fun way to put a twist on your outfits, but having pre-designed jewellery allows you to throw a stylish look together in mere seconds.

Whether you are preparing an outfit for a casual day out in the sun, or a glamorous night on the town, multi-layer and double necklaces are a great way of creating feminine, elegant styles all while retaining your own unique flair.

For those block colour outfits, long golden multi-layer necklaces create a chic and stylish look no matter the occasion. You can even accessorise further with delicate rings and bracelets to tie your outfit together.

When dressing for those summery days across Australia, pairing your tops or blouses with different length necklaces helps lend dimension to the outfits in your wardrobe. For the cooler months, try pairing big knit sweaters or cardigans with the delicate pendant layered necklaces to capture that modern, contemporary look.

Find Your Style with the Online Collection of Multi-Layer & Stacked Necklaces

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