We all know that a great deal of fashion trends will come and go, but others become so iconic, they are permanent fixtures in the lives of women across the world.

Boyfriend Shirt Trend

The image of a girl wearing her boyfriend’s shirt has become one that we identify with youth and style, as well as being a versatile outfit choice ready to transform and adapt for any occasion. So, if you are wondering what a boyfriend shirt is and how to style one, keep reading and discover the many ways you can embrace this simple style item with tips from Venom Emilio.

What is a Boyfriend Shirt?

There might be some confused faces out there wondering, ‘what is a boyfriend shirt?’. Whether you are a committed girl wearing her boyfriend’s shirt, or a single woman sporting a name brand style, wearing a ‘boyfriend shirt’ is a limitless fashion option, with oodles of potential. A boyfriend shirt is a tailored shirt that follows the shape of your body, giving you a slimmer, more comfortable look perfect for any occasion.

It has longer sleeves and is typically made from cotton or silk blend and comes in different colours and patterns, making it ideal to wear on its own or as an undershirt under another piece of clothing. The shirt is a versatile piece of clothing, which means you can pair it with just about anything, from a suit to jeans.

Knowing how to style a boyfriend shirt allows you to add your own unique flair to this popular look, so we at Venom Emilio have provided our top 10 tips for how to wear the boyfriend shirt for any occasion.

Top 10 Tips for How to Wear the Boyfriend Shirt

1. Style a Boyfriend Shirt with Casual Jeans

Strike the perfect balance between casual and chic by pairing your boyfriend shirt with classic jeans like our Frida Jean pieces. Match these simple pieces with some statement jewellery such as boots or sandals for a contemporary look.

2 How to Wear it With Layers

When it comes to figuring out how to wear a boyfriend shirt, there is no easier look than a layered outfit. Select a great tee from your wardrobe and wear the boyfriend shirt over the top, leaving the buttons open or closed while tucking in part of the shirt. For style and comfort choose something like our Tahlia Twist Tee to keep you looking and feeling great all day long.

3. Style a Boyfriend Shirt & Tie at the Waist

Shake things up as you style a boyfriend shirt look for a summer’s day out or a spot of shopping. Find your favourite pair of high-waisted shorts or a cute skirt and pair it with a tee like our Contrast Block Shirt before tying the front ends of the top at your waist. Leave the top buttons undone for that casual flair and accessorise with some statement sunglasses and white sneakers.

4. Wear Boyfriend Shirts with White Pants

If you are ready to design your own creative look, try matching your boyfriend shirt with classic white pants to create a solid foundation for any accessories ready to elevate your outfit for any occasion. Check out our stylish Cuban Pants to inspire and anchor your next boyfriend shirt look.

5. Style a Boyfriend Shirt with Accessories at the Waist

For this gorgeous look, you will need a slightly oversized tee like our Risky Business Shirt. Pair it with some black jeans or leggings and secure the shirt around your waist with a stylish skinny belt to flaunt your physique and make your look pop.

6. How to Wear a Boyfriend Shirt as a Dress

If you are struggling with how to style a boyfriend shirt, cut out all the extras and create a casually chic look by wearing your boyfriend’s shirt as a dress. Throw on a pair of clean white sneakers or a statement boot like our Jade Leather Boot and enjoy this versatile look, ready to be dressed up or down for any occasion.

7. How to Wear it Fashionably Rumpled

Looking for something comfortable, yet stylish to wear on your next date night? Grab your favourite oversized boyfriend shirt, like our Risky Business Shirt, a well-fitted pair of pants or jeans and a pair of statement earrings and you have yourself the makings of the perfect date night look!

8. How to Wear it Over Your Favourite Beach Dress

We all love going to the beach, but it can be tricky to find an outfit that looks great and works well for a day of sandy fun. Keep things simple and stylish by adding a boyfriend shirt to your favourite beach dress, like our Miranda Linen Smock Dress and enjoy the comfort and versatility of a look that embodies both form and function.

9. Style a Boyfriend Shirt Long Over Leggings

Leggings have become a staple item in practically every woman’s wardrobe, so why not make use of this versatile piece and pair it with your favourite boyfriend shirt, like our Risky Business Shirt? Keep your buttons done up and roll up those sleeves for a chic look, and paired with subtle heels and sunglasses, you will be ready to tear up the fashion scene wherever you go.

10. How to Wear It Over Flared Pant

To put a twist on your boyfriend shirt look, why not pair it with a comfortable pair of flared pants, like our Eastern Flare Pant. Ideal for going out to dinner with friends, this look, with its smaller shirt, casual knot at the waist and rolled up sleeves provides the perfect blend of comfort and style.

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